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The latino policy institute

Programs and Special Projects

The Latino Policy Institute Continues to Evolve

From our beginning as a primarily research-focused organization, we have grown over the last five years into a force for state-level advocacy backed by solid data. The Latino Policy Institute is now experimenting with developing and running our programs and special projects. We aim for these programs and projects to bolster the capacity of Latino communities state-wide to engage with LPI’s mission to stimulate public policy discourse by examining and communicating the evolving Latino experience in Rhode Island.

LPI’s programs and special projects will:

  • Support Latino civic engagement statewide by creating accessible and welcoming events and training opportunities for Latinos to strengthen our advocacy and policy-making skills.
  • Explore mental and behavioral health workforce development in Rhode Island to increase access to and improve the quality of mental and behavioral health offerings for Latinos.
  • Offer educational and engaging community conversations via our Tertulias to explore racial justice and other important issues within the Latino community.
  • Build LPI’s local, regional, and national network to learn from and collaborate with aligned organizations.

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