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Ray Nuñez

Co-Founder & CEO of the Nuñez Co.

Ray Nuñez has a life-long passion for creative storytelling, inclusive community engagement, and equitable brand-building. Since arriving in the United States from Los Reyes, Michoacán, Mexico, in 1999, Ray has been recognized nationally for his innovative work in marketing, design, and leadership.

In 2015, Ray graduated from College Leadership Rhode Island; in 2017, Ray received his Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media from Johnson & Wales University. In 2020, Ray and his equally-driven partner Taryn Nuñez launched Nuñez, a multi-cultural marketing agency with an anti-racist focus that embodies the diversity and equity they want to see globally. Ray’s bet is on the untapped creative potential born out of defiance of dominant culture. As such, he’s placing his chips in gathering a culturally diverse team at Nuñez to create a unique, fresh perspective on the way businesses and individuals tell their stories at the intersection of 4 focus points: data, design, disruption, and diversity.

Ray’s efforts led him to be named ‘2022 Who To Watch’ by Providence Monthly and receive a ‘Next Tech Generation 2021 Tech10 Award’ by The Tech Collective. Ray resides in Riverside, Rhode Island, with his wife, Taryn, their son Ramon, and three dogs; Frida, Diego, and Pancho.

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