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Belisa 1

Belisa Nuñez

College Success Coach

Belisa’s roots are a combination of far and near. After moving to Providence at the age of nine from the Dominican Republic, she continued to deeply connect and identify with her Dominican culture and upbringing. 

As she describes it, “Latinos tend to bring a little extra spice and a different perspective… They are not afraid to speak to you and you give advice as if you were their family from the moment they meet you… Being Latino means having a giant, multicultural, extended family whether you know them or not.”

After realizing how many of her peers did not receive the solid college advising but would instead have their opportunities and access hindered, Belisa realized that this was her calling. As a Latina and a College Success Coach  at the College Crusade of Rhode Island, she feels a moral obligation to help uplift and provide growth opportunities to those with similar backgrounds. 

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